Welcome to Third Person Travel.

My camera and I have a wanderlust. It’s rare for us spend a whole month under the one roof.

As a “picture paints a thousand words,” Third Person Travel is a visual diary of the observations I capture as I journey, locally and internationally.

I have been a keen hobby photographer for forty years. Progressing from film, the digital format has brought me the freedom to snap freely, to be super critical of composition, subject matter, light, and exposure, but I don’t sweat the technical stuff, mostly I let the camera make the decisions.

Since 2001, I have used a Nikon camera, my current model a D90. I also have a lightweight Canon G15 and sometimes I shoot with my IPhone 5.

For post camera editing and enhancing I use adobe Photoshop on my PC or Snapseed on the IPad.

I really hope you like what I see and choose to tag along

Bon voyage
AKA Ladyredspecs


14 Responses to About

  1. I really like your blog — beautiful pictures. I found you through Hugmamma’s Body and Soul, and your image from the Guggenheim inspired me to write a blog, and also to give a link to your blog. Looking forward to more fun!


    • ladyredspecs says:

      G’day Claudia nice to meet you. My travel/photo blog is pretty new, but I’ve been a food blogger for 2+ years and have made some great friends. I can see another new circle of like minded people gathering on WP. I look forward to reading your post inspired by that amazing sculpture I snapped in Bilbao. Thanks for the recognition, Sandra


  2. Helen C says:

    Good morning, Sandra. Beautiful photos here. Wish someday I will be a half good. In the mean time, I know I will enjoy all yours. Thanks.


  3. hello, I’m another travel blogger of the nomadic sort. Loved your shot of the Guggenheim also your blog banner, where was the photo taken? it looks as if might be somewhere in the UK but I could be wrong. Happy travelling!


    • ladyredspecs says:

      Hi, thanks for dropping by. The banner image is on the north eastern coast of Northern Island. I’m sorry I can’t remember it’s name, even looking at the map hasn’t helped me.


  4. SPFischer says:

    Hi, Sandra! Love that you use the D90. I do too – though I admit to recently entertaining the idea of upgrading. I still have an iPhone 4s, but there is a world of difference between the quality of the photos that come out of the 5. Another item on my wish list. Anyway, love you blog 🙂


    • ladyredspecs says:

      Thanks Stacey, different situations need different cameras. My only complaint with the D90 and my favourite 28-200 lens is the weight! Too heavy, that’s where my CanonG14 comes in handy, lightweight, wonderful light meter, fantastic lens


  5. Andrew says:

    Hello Sandra, I’ve come across your website and you have a real eye for catching stunning moments.

    I’m a graphic designer by trade and I’m currently working on a project for Melbourne University. Would I be able to use your image for a Melbourne University Advertisement for Sustainable Transport? Link: http://thirdpersontravel.com/2014/06/01/cities-weekly-travel-theme-photo-challenge/

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


    • ladyredspecs says:

      Hi Andrew, thanks for your kind remarks. I am very happy for you to use my image providing that you acknowledge it’s source. Good luck with your project, and I sincerely hope that the advertisement has an impact. Sandra


  6. I. Greenwald says:

    I love all of your beautiful photos.


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